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Secretary’s Blog – March 2024

Additional Trustees

We now understand that there is no need to register Trustees with Land Registry, just simply update the Societies Constitution with new Trustees agreed by the Membership at the AGM. All changes to the Constitution should be agreed at an AGM however, in this case, as we have a directive from the AGM, I believe all we have to do is add the Trustees names and approve the Constitution.

Therefore, the amended Constitution is now on the website, with no “issues arising” by June 16th 2024 we will assume that the Constitution is accepted by the Membership and Pete Fawke, Peter Whittingham & Roger Middleton will become Trustees from the start of the Season. See Constitution.

2024 Membership

For various unavoidable reasons we have lost several members this season, we have other aging & poorly members that may decide not to re-join this season but this is just one of those things. Remember that we had record membership last season so I’m sure that we will quickly recover. So far, we have three new members all River anglers welcome Mark Valente, Christopher Gregory and Dave Underhill. Turnout on Pools matches seems worst affected but 13 out on the first match is not so bad.

BAA River Matches

To help the Secretary out Roger (Middleton) has agreed to run the four BAA River matches this season although he said he needs help pegging out. H. Potter & Gary Buzzard have agreed to weigh in on these matches.  

Pools Series

Following the cancellation of the Alvechurch match in January, rather than booking a replacement date which usually results in a poor turnout & a financial loss, we have agreed a match date on Arrow Pool in 2025. For this season we have simply moved the matches down the venue list so the final Spring League match is now at Meadowlands on Warren, previously a scramble, see updated venue list issue 3.

For the last three or four seasons the January match has been hard going or cancelled & at the AGM there was agreement to drop the January match on pools therefore the first Pools match in 2025 will be in the middle of February.

2025 Pools Venues;- So, next season so far we have the Alvechurch fisheries match and I have just booked two matches at Blythe Fisheries, one on “Bridge” and one on “Willow”, it seems the Fishery management issues have been resolved. Talking to Trevor from “PERLS”, big Bream are coming out of Bridge and Willow has been restocked with Carp. At £8 a peg, no deposit & pay on the day we will give it a try next season.

As usual, we will endeavour to provide varied venues with low risk of financial loss.

Pools Pairs

We kicked off the pairs on Pools at TBF with four pairs;- Andy Coles & Glen Beavon. Frank Bagley & Peter Fawke, H. Potter & Stephen Bedford, Marcus Coles & Jan Swinnerton. With agreement we can add further pairs later as required, we need to decide the “one off” cash entry fee, I suggest £5/ angler.

Bank Clearing

We have had a nightmare of flooding from October through to the end of the year.

January was just as bad although we were able to clear the match pegs on the 27th of January and employed a contractor to sort the large tree that was across peg 24. That left the damaged steps in peg 24, the lock stream pegs to clear and the notice board in peg 3 to sort out. Then the river came up again mid-February so we are back to square one. That’s five months of raised river levels, can anyone remember worse conditions. Now with a couple of weeks to the end of the season the urgency has diminished and we have until the middle of June to sort it all out. Anyone fishing Fladbury at the moment, please be careful.

Height of the Steps

Members have said that they are struggling with the height of the steps, to lower some of the steps would result in an extra top step being added which means that we are moving further into the field, during the close season we will see what can be done with some of the worst pegs.

Pegs 2 & 4;- We plan to lower the steps in peg 4 and fit handrails in pegs 2 & 4.

Fladbury Club Bookings for 2024

We are already doing better than 2023 with 4 bookings received.

Fladbury Availability / Pleasure Fishing;- With Girling AS matches and Club Bookings the only place to check Fishery availability is;-

Mobile Site;-  Click on the “Match Box” link.

Main Site;- Click on the Match Box” link within the “What’s New box” on the Home Page.  

New Fladbury Signs

At the Bank Clearing Gary (Buzzard) kindly offered to supply new permanent signs free of charge, that’s brilliant Gary, thanks. The signs will be fitted to the foot path sign in the lane & the notice board in peg three.

February Match Results

First Aggregate;- Switched from BAA Bidford LB to BAA B/W. Bridge 41, 9 turned out.

Result;- Brian Burton 3-7-4, Frank Bagley 1-14-0, Andy Lacey 1-8-0.

First Spring League Match at TBF on Jenny’s;- 13 turned out

Result;- Glen Beavon 36-14-0, Brian Burton 32-11-0, Pete Fawke 31-11-0.

Matches in March;-

9/3/2024;- We hopefully have the Last Chance open at Fladbury, if that goes ahead it will be open to all comers & we park behind the pegs.

16/3/2024;- Then the first Canal Series match at Bridge 61, that’s the Crown Inn at Alvechurch with a Beer after the match.

23/3/2024;- Followed by the second Winter Pools match at Lower Park on “Spring” where you can park behind the pegs.

Secretary’s Blog