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The Angling Trust "Water Quality Monitoring Network" (WQMN) went live early May 2022 and the Society began to measure water quality at Jubilee in May and continue monitoring regularly.

Bailiff Andy (who lives local) has volunteered to take the measurements for us and supply monthly data to the Angling Trust.

The Angling Trust has awarded the Society with the WQMN Club and Volunteer awards for 2023 and plan to run an article on their website, this is brilliant publicity for the Society.

We were one of the first clubs to get involved and have now been measuring and supplying water quality data to the Angling Trust since November 2021.ty data to the Angling Trust since November 2021.

Angling Trust Award

Follow the Links for the Tabulated and Graphical data.

Tabulated Data

Graphical Data