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Season Update 21/5/2024

Now well into the river closed season we are fishing matches on Canals & Pools completing two matches of the Aggregate Series which continues in June with the Fladbury Cup, three matches of the Canal Series and we are well into the Winter Pools Series with the fourth match at Shrewley pools this Saturday. Next is the Spring League Series with big weights throughout the summer. Match turnout has been good boosted by some of the river match anglers joining us on the pools matches.

After nearly 6 months of flooding we have started sorting out Fladbury Fishery ready for the river matches. Vehicle access is superb & Saturday’s work party gave us a brilliant start. We have another work day planned for Sunday the 9th of June meanwhile repairs to certain pegs will continue throughout May including lowering the steps in peg 4 and fitting handrails in peg 2 & 4.

Membership;-As you know we lost a few this season. Almost all gave very good reasons, a couple of members (including the Chairman) were aging and not fished for a while, one said he had too many commitments, a couple had a short stay and three long term members disappointingly decided to go. We lost 8 full members in all & so far & we have 3 new members planning to fish the river matches. So far turnout on the Canals & Pools has been good, the Associate members seem to join around June.

Strangely we have quite a few full members that plan to re-join in June, I’m sure we will be ok.

Fladbury Water Quality Update;- The Society has been measuring water quality & suppling results to the Angling Trust since November 2021, measuring Phosphates, Nitrates and Electrical Conductivity, see the WQMN page. A high level of Phosphate throughout this period is the main concern & we have shown that the fish regularly move downstream late Autumn.

After seeing our results on the Society website local wild swimmers formed the Avonvale River Action Group (ARAG) which the Society has supported since their conception, their progress has been amazing now measuring locations up & down the Avon supplying data to the Angling Trust on behalf of the Society, see avonvaleriver.org.

The Angling Trust issued their first WQMN seasonal report and made Girling Angling Society their Angling Club of the year for 2023. Their second season report is soon due and Girling AS and ARAG have produced a joint article for their second annual report. Visit Angling Trust

Now, an enormous amount of awareness but no progress.

Bank Clearing

Here we go again it’s Bank Clearing time. The first session is on the 18th of May. The Pegs are in a mess caused by flooding from the end of October 2023 through to April 2024. There’s debris on all of the pegs, some damage to the steps and the sign in peg 3 required work.

With the weather improving we now have a couple of weeks for Gary, the guy with the Tractor who works for the land owner to get down there to clear the top of the pegs allowing vehicle access. It cost us £50 a go limited to twice a year but saves us an enormous amount of work allowing us to concentrate on the pegs.  

The Secretary called Gary the evening of the 4th of May after the match to discuss clearing the top of the pegs suggesting any time before the 18th of May and got a text early the next day with a video informing him that he had just cleared the top of the pegs, wasn’t expecting that.

So we have excellent vehicle access a couple of weeks before the planned work party date of the 18th of May to sort out any damage to the pegs.

Wednesday the 9th of May is suggested to make a start, if anyone can help that would be brilliant.

AGM Members Directive – Investigate the cost of adding Trustees


When we went through Land Registry in 2019 we were informed by our Solicitor (MFG of Kidderminster) that Land Registry prefer to deal with Trustees where Clubs & Societies are concerned, therefore, the Chairman & Secretary became Trustees enabling closure.

AGM Decision

At the AGM 24/1/2024 we agreed to investigate the cost of adding Peter Fawke, Peter Whittingham & Roger Middleton to the list of Trustees. The Secretary contacted the original Solicitors & received the quotation shown below.

Quotation from MFG Solicitors

Summarising;- Fee in relation to adding additional trustees to the Land Registry in respect of Girling Angling Society’s property would be £500 plus VAT, plus any disbursements. Land Registry search fees to be approximately £15.00 plus registration fee to change the title at the Land Registry.  The amount of this registration fee would be dependent on the value of the property.

Estimate;- £800 to £1000.

A breakthrough

Since receiving the quotation the Committee have completed internet research and made a breakthrough. It seems that there is no need to register Trustees with Land Registry, all we have to do is update the Societies Constitution with the new Trustees agreed by the membership.

It’s unlikely, but if there was a dispute in future concerning Fishery ownership and Land Registry asked to see the Societies Constitution, we would simply supply the latest Constitution agreed by the membership showing the list of Trustees.

Clearly Trustees are appointed by the Members & we can do that simply by updating and agreeing the Constitution, without involving any cost.

Rather than wait for the next AGM we plan to put the amended Constitution onto the website and if there are no issues arising by June 16th 2024 we will assume that the Constitution is accepted by the membership and the new Trustees will be appointed from the start of the River Season 2024.



Bank Clearing Saturday 27/1/2024

With the river in flood for months we have been unable to clear the pegs since the middle of November. When we got there the river was over some of the platforms, coloured and motoring through, we found nearly a foot of soft clingy mud on the lower steps. Gary, H. & Frank cleared the 26 match pegs and Gary collected all the debris that had been deposited on the top of the pegs, we were done by 11am. That left the huge tree in peg 24 to move, brilliant effort guys.

Roger had arranged for his Son Pete to visit (12.30pm) with a grabber to tackle the tree which was approx. 25 feet long & 2ft in diameter. Pete made sure the tree missed the platform and dragged it half way up the bank and with a chain saw began to cut it up, an hour later we were done. The Platform survived but the steps are wrecked, that’s the next job on the list along with clearing the Lock Stream pegs.

Successful AGM

The AGM went ahead on the 24th of Janury at the Village Inn at Beorley, eleven members attended. A very busy meeting lasting two and a half hours but we managed to get through it expediently. Andy Coles has joined the Committee, the minutes are now on the Website.

From a Mobile Phone Search;- Main Site/ About Us/ Committee/ AGM.

Membership update

At the AGM we announced that seven members all with good reasons had lapsed Membership and not re-joining in 2024, this of course was not well received.

The Good news is that Nick Cullis has decided after all to re-join and we have two new members planning to fish the river matches, welcome Mark & Chris.

If you know anyone interested in joining, please supply the Secretary’s phone number.

Alvechurch Match 20/1/2024 Cancelled

The Match at Alvechurch Fisheries Arrow Pool on the 20th of January 2024 has been cancelled. All of the Pools are frozen and they have decided to close the fishery for the weekend.

2024 Season update

Next Match;-

That’s Alvechurch Arrow Pool on the 20th of January.

You will need a trolley for a very short walk from the car park, but you won’t need your nets, they are supplied and they don’t want your nets on site. The Match Rules say;-

Use their Nets, their Pellets, no Meat, max. of 2 kg of Pellet/ Ground bait & 3 pts of Maggots, Max. of 60lb per net, 2 keep nets small in one & only Carp in the other, no swinging fish, no fixed or elasticated feeders. Non adherence you won’t get weighed in, see the Fishery Rules.

Fladbury following the Floods;-

Pete (Fawke) visited Fladbury 12/1/2024 & reported that the level is just over some of the platforms, Peg 24 has a tree across the platform and a there’s a couple of steps damaged. Pegs 12 to 26 are ok but there’s silt on the downstream pegs. The access is extremely soft so we will be looking to raise a work party possibly before the AGM which is on the 24th of January.

Now accepting Members for 2024

To the anglers out there, we are now taking members for the 2024 season. Full membership is £30 which allows you to fish over 30 matches on Rivers, Commercials and Canals or £25 (Associate Membership) to fish Fladbury when there are no match bookings.

We hold the stretch of the Avon at Fladbury Left Bank, that’s below the weir and opposite the BAA stretch. There’s 26 superb match pegs and nine pegs in the lock stream. All 35 pegs have robust steps and Platforms. The Car Park is 300 yards away and on match days we park behind the pegs.

We do allow prospective Full Members to guest on a match for familiarity but we do not allow night fishing, heavy pre baiting, bivvies, fires or litter.

You can pay by cheque or Bank Transfer, if interested please call or text Frank on 07989 566219. Or if you prefer, go to the “Contact Us” page on the main Website and fill out the enquiry form.

To all of our current Members & Families, Happy New Year.